Common Questions

1. Isn’t a doula and midwife the same?

No, we are two (2) totally different providers. The midwife is a birth professional with advanced training in prenatal care, labor and delivery. The doula is there as your emotional and comforting support person. Your doula will remain with you continually through your labor/delivery.

2. Why do I need a doula when I have my spouse or another support person?

Your doula is not taking the place of your spouse or support person, she is there as another set of hands to help with the comforting/emotional well-being of the mother. Your doula will also help in obtaining the extras to help both the mother and spouse/birthing partner. Your doula will also remind you of your birthing plan, help with breathing, comforting positions and offer continuous words of praise and comfort.

3. I’m afraid I may have a bowel movement while I pushing and will be embarrassed.

There is absolutely nothing to become embarrassed about should you have some bowel movement while pushing. This is a normal function that may happen but you will never be aware of this as the nurses or midwife will just wipe you clean while they are talking you through your pushing stage. This may happen as the baby’s head comes down the vagina and pushes against the rectum where feces are stored. You may have noticed about two (2) weeks before your actual labor begins more frequent/softer bowels, as this is just nature’s way of preparing your body for labor.

4. Is it true I will have bleeding after my baby is born?

This is correct. After the delivery of your baby, you will have bleeding in which you will need to wear a sanitary pad, this bleeding will continue but also become lighter and time goes on. Be prepared for bleeding for four (4) – six (6) weeks and then it should stop.